Boutique Shopping goes online, with Fashionhub

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I love shopping at boutiques. You’re almost guaranteed to not bump into someone wearing the same thing (which has happened to me a couple of times, including the Brutal Fruit Cheeky Cranberry launch with the Kardashian sisters) and this issue is almost completely eliminated by boutique shopping. The only problem is that my fave boutiques are not situated in the same city, let alone the same mall.

We now have a solution to this, online boutique shopping! Fashionhub is a fashion destination that covers Cape Town, Jozi, Durban, Bloem and, coming soon, the world! Christina Hourrides, Stylist at Fashionhub, says “We are a mall that rents space out to only independently owned boutiques and designers in an attempt to boost the local boutique industry”. I checked out what they had on offer, there are ball gowns, bikinis, work-out gear, accessories, wedding shoes, lingerie, and more!
They offer free delivery if your purchase is over R500 and you can shop from as many boutiques as you dare with only one checkout.
So, why not go have a look? Here’s the link:
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