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Red Square have just launched their online beauty store, and not only that. Red Square have an ingenious plan of offering added value when purchasing online, which allows for a two fold advantage for them and consumers. They are offering shoppers free samples on any purchase. How does this promote sales and value, read more a the bottom of this article…

“It’s a wonderful way to discover exciting new products that customers might otherwise not have tried,” comments David Gibbons, Edcon’s e-Commerce Executive.“We conducted our own research to find out what South African women were looking for when purchasing beauty products and found that service, sampling and more information were high on the list. The modern woman has far less time to browse through shops because of the pressures of work and home, however they are accessing the Internet more often than men with 55% of women going online more than twice a day compared to 45% of men,” he adds.

Orders in excess of R350 are delivered free of charge, otherwise a standard delivery fee of R45 will apply and payment can be made using any credit card or Thank U account card from Edgars or Jet. Orders are delivered within two to seven working days and customers can return items to any Red Square store. To up the ante, Red Square is offering all customers a discount of R100 when they make their first purchase online and spend R650 using the voucher code: press100.  Offer valid until 30 June 2013. So what are you waiting for, check out www.redsquare.co.za.

How does offering free samples promote sales and value?

  1. Consumers are more likely to buy something when there’s some sort of instant gratification or added value; like product samples. Why else do you think Groupon does so well? Or in-store promotions?
  2. Consumers likelihood of moving from the consideration to purchasing phases of the consumer funnel (uber marketing speak, my apologies) is trial. If it’s a product you’ve never used before then you’re probably too scared to buy the R800, 30ml bottle without trying it. This way, Red Square is giving you a sample because they appreciate your patronage but will probably garner another purchase soon by allowing you to trial more of their products! Consumers are also allowed to get more information on their options, let’s face it – there are just too many beauty products out there to try!
So, it’s a win-win for Red Square as well as the consumer, bravo Red Square! 
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