“The White Shoe Debate”, my take…

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I received a request from ‘The Beeld’ the other day for my input as a stylist in “The White Shoe Debate”. 

You can see my input here: Tyd vir weer witvoetjie soek?

Here is the email I sent to the Lifestyle writer that conveys my views in English:

        Are white shoes a fashion faux pas or fabulously trendy?
Fabulously trending, for sure! I personally have my eyes on a pair of white heels from Celine (see image attached)

        How should a woman wear white shoes?
I really love a pair of white heels with a pair of torn / boyfriend jeans, but they’ll also look fab with a pencil skirt or midi-length trousers or dress.

        Any do’s or and don’ts with this trend?
Don’t wear your white heels to some where they aren’t going to get dirty or scuffed, I would never wear white heels to a club or any outdoor setting. I think white heels need to look crisp and elegant, so settings such as a charity-type event or dinner date are perfect.
Do be daring and try the full-white trend, wearing white from head-to-toe.

        And for the guys? Can men also wear white shoes?
I’m personally not a fan of men wearing white shoes unless they’re a pair of sneakers.
Do you agree with my input on the “The White Shoe Debate”??
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