The ugly truth about makeup

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So… I must confess that I have a growing obsession with makeup and cosmetics. I thought I had overcome this obsession a few years ago after an intervention with my then-flatmate over the amount of products in my bathroom. It’s back! And it’s even worse – I now can’t stop buying great-quality, expensive makeup and products – eeeeek!

Anyways, I read an article a few years on the blog post topic and have since been an educator and advocate of said article. I found a similar one this morning, with all the facts, and thought I’d share it with the rest of you…

These are the expiry dates of your makeup products! I plead with you to keep track of them and chuck your goods when the expiry dates hit. Imagine all the yucky bacteria you are putting on your eyelashes with that expired mascara *vom:

Mascara – three to six months
Cream blush – six months to a year
Concealer, eye cream, eye shadow, pencils – one year
Foundation, lipstick, moisturiser – one to one and a half years
Face powder and powder blusher – two years

Please also clean out and up (inside and out) your makeup bag every once in a while? You perhaps carry it from pillar to post, sitting it on public bathroom counters whilst doing a quick-fix in the mirror, leave it in your boot when you swap to your clutch bag, move it from overnight to handbag, etc. Think about it, ladies…

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