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Disaronno is by far my favourite liqueur! My go-to shot is a tot of Disaronno followed by a shot of lime, it tastes just like the sweets called Rascals and my friends and I used to call them ‘dirty rascals’ at varsity. Disaronno has a sweet taste, which gets taken down a notch by the lime, and has hints of marzipan flavour (must be from the almonds). It’s a versatile drink that can be enjoyed over ice or in a number of delicious cocktails and is available in supermarkets and bottle stores.

The people over at Butter Knife PR sent me this press release for Disaronno’s latest news, a collaboration with the equally Italian fashion house Moschino. What a great collab that was! Moschino loves Disaronno, and so do we! This black and red bottle with hearts all over it is perfect as a Christmas gift ♥

DISARONNO, the most popular Italian liqueur in the world, has teamed up with Italian luxury fashion house, MOSCHINO, to design a unique limited edition bottle resonating the superb brand quality and contemporary presence. This collaboration between two stylish Italian brands will be available for purchase up until March 2014 at outlets nationwide.

The MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO bottle has been designed in the fashion house’s signature style, adorned with its classic heart pattern in a bold black and red colour palette. This distinctive limited edition combines the characteristics of MOSCHINO with the unmistakable silhouette of the DISARONNO bottle. It’s an ideal treat for fashionistas and trendsetters around summer time. 

The partnership was born with the idea of linking the image of the bottle and brand to that of another, which is also recognizable all over the world. DISARONNO meets the world of fashion, in particular MOSCHINO, another dynamic brand with an extensive Italian heritage. 

The project will support the charity Fashion 4 Development (sponsored by the United Nations) through donation of its profits to help the development of this unique initiative in Africa. 

The exclusive MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO limited edition will be available at stores nationwide at approximately R199.95.

Visit or follow DISARONNO on twitter @DisaronnoSA. The official hashtags are #disaronno and #moschinolovesdisaronno. The official Instagram account is disaronno_official.

To celebrate this exquisite collaboration, the iconic Italian liqueur suggests enjoying a DISARONNO Loves Sour, a timeless cocktail:

2 parts Disaronno (50ml)
1 part Liquid Sugar (25ml)
1 Freshly squeezed Lemon.
Shake together and strain over ice in a tumbler.
Garnish with a cherry.

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