My Dream Closet

I have many an (healthy) obsession in life, but by far the most love I have is for my closet. I am a shopaholic, and I accept that. It’s not even about all the stuff that I buy, per se, it’s a collection. I collect clothes and shoes and bags and perfumes and cosmetics. My biggest dream one day is to have a spectacular closet to house all of my wares. Here are some images from my Pinterest board (Home is where the ♥ is) that are inspirational and aspirational:

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8 thoughts on “My Dream Closet

  1. Yes yes and yessssss!
    I want them all!!!
    My dream has always been to have a walk in closet!
    And now I might be getting one. Cedric added one into his house plans. Not very big. 7sq meters.
    But hey! It's one step closer!

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