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Take a minute to create a rubybox account, add your favourite beauty lusts to your wishlist by clicking on the heart icons and automatically be entered into our competition to win your entire rubybox wishlist!

Then share your list of beauty fancies with your loved ones and get them on the right track for your seasonal spoil – you don’t want them getting their gifting as wrong as these guys!

Could it be any easier?? I tried to not get too greedy, but I did add 12 items to my wishlist 😉 Stila being the brand on top, in terms of goodies I need (or is it want?) I then shared my wishlist with some close friends and family, as the items were on average R260 you don’t quite expect your cousin’s girlfriend to spend that much on you. You can see a few of my picks below 😉

Competition closes 30 November so get started now.

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