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I haven’t broken the news to my blog and social media followers yet, but I am a newly-indoctrinated fitness freak!! This year I started a very new journey; I quit my 9-5 job and I’m a full-time personal shopper, fashion stylist, and blogger! With this new change comes some new challenges and perks, one of them being I have a lot more time for myself (especially when business is slower). This change brings time to actually exercise. This includes weekly classes, lots of yoga, swimming, running, and soon I will be cycling. 

So… With the new-found love for fitness brings a gap in my wardrobe! I want to look as good as I feel when I am exercising and Cotton On Body is my fave place to shop for workout gear. Their stuff is trendy and comfy, and you can get away with wearing it on a chilled day when not exercising, too!

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