I would die for one of these!

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When it comes to personalizing anything, I’m a big fan. Anything purple that has a crown has to be mine, those are two of my favorite things. 
So, when I was trawling my list of usual blogs last week I saw two things:
  1. Blankets are a huge trend for Autumn/Winter seasons (who would have thought?)
  2. Burberry are customizing them for their favorite models and celebs
Firstly, let’s thank the fashion gods for making the (rather dreadful) colder months easy and comfortable for us fashion-fixed individuals. I find dressing in winter so much more difficult than the warmer months, I tend to go for functional rather than fashionable during this time. A trendy blanket to throw over my functional outfit is a heaven-sent!
Next, how utterly fabulous would it be to have a personalized Burberry blanket? This is totally out of reach for almost every person I know, but let’s just have a little day-dream about it…

Cara Delevigne
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Olivia Palermo
Suki Waterhouse

What would your customized Burberry blanket read? Mine would be CJG

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