Great Britain’s #1 online retailer available in SA this week!

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I am fortunate enough to visit London about once a year. My little sister moving there serves as a great excuse to do a relatively big, annual overseas shop in that fab city. I have a few favourite stores and Next is one of them…

Great news! I received news a few days ago that Spree will be the exclusive online retail partner for Next in South Africa. Another international retailer to come to SA, how exciting?! 

jane wonder-spree-next-south africa-fashion-retail-online shopping-shopping

Since not everyone in SA will be familiar with the Next brand, I decided to show you a few things that you can find on their UK site.

fashion-next-spree-south africa-online shopping-bags-shoes-shirts-dresses-jeans-trousers-swimwear-jewellery-accessories

Be sure to visit Spree on Wednesday, 3 September to browse (and perhaps buy) a few fantastic pieces from Next.

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