Victoria’s Secret comes to Johannesburg!!

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If you follow me on Instagram (@CJaneWonder) then you would have seen my post on the Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories store that is opening in Sandton City – whoohoo!

This may be a little over-share/TMO, but I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret panties. I only wear two types of panties, during the day I wear Woolworths Seamless Panties (I’m not a thong girl anymore) and at night I wear Victoria’s Secret brand Pink panties (image below). I really hope that I can find these in SA soon (perhaps they’ll stock them at the new store), I always go on the hunt for these when I am in New York or London.

Back to the fab news – 
Summer 2014 anticipates the opening of the first Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories Store at Sandton City. The store, scheduled to open in November, in Sandton City Johannesburg will carry Victoria’s Secret best selling beauty products, as well as a unique collection of luxury accessories, including bags & luggage, small leather goods and sunglasses. A range of perfect panties will complement the assortment.

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