Let’s talk underwear

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Underwear. Not the most glamourous of topics, but one that needs to be talked about none the less. 

It surprises me (to a degree) how many women are wearing the incorrect size bras and undies that don’t match their body shape, I come across this all to often when shopping for clients. 

Another thing is shape wear, there is nothing wrong with you if you wear ‘spanx’ to tuck in that tum whilst wearing a tight dress. It’s not a silent acceptance that you aren’t possibly the size you want to be! Not at all. I use shape wear and I’m a size 8 or 10. 

On the topic, I came across a few great pages on the Ackermans website. Did you know you can shop online with them? Me neither.

Firstly, you should check out their catalogue that shows some images of the lingerie on actual people and them check out their site to browse shape wear and everday undies. There isn’t much of the fancy stuff.

Next, they have great articles on two topics;

  1. Different types of bras, and 
  2. Tips for taking care of your lingerie (a must read)

I hope you’ve found this post interesting, please comment or tweet (@CJaneWonder) with any other topics you would like for me to cover xoxo

To see the whole catalogue, click here
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