{BEAUTY} 3 ways to long, healthy nails

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

Hiya everyone ♡

People always ask me how I manage to grow my nails and keep them long and healthy. One answer – strong nails!

Here are the three must-dos when it comes to getting your nails to grow.

1. Nourish ♡

My number one tip for strengthening nails is to apply hand cream throughout the day.

The trick is to have two types of cream, a light-weight one for the day and a heavy-one (the heavier the better) for bed time.

My favourite hand cream (of all time) is Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. I included it in my August Beauty Favourites which you can read here. It smells incredible and keeps my hands (and nails) moisturised for ages. It doesn’t leave hands feeling slippery and oily, like the heavy-weight ones do, which is helpful for typing on your phone or using a laptop which you need to do through the day. There are plenty other light-weight hand creams out there, I even find that the best ones are water-based ones that you can find at the drugstore (i.e. Clicks, Dischem).

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

I’ve been trying out this Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream. They call it a moisture mask because it is heavy-weighted and perfect as an overnight treatment. I slather some on my hands as I go to sleep at night. The oiliness of my hands doesn’t bother me as I am about to fall asleep, and my hands feel moisturised and fabulous in the morning.

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

2. Maintain ♡

Very simply, as soon as you feel a snag – bring out that nail file! I have nail files stashed everywhere in case of emergencies. One at home, one at the office and one in my handbag. The one in the picture below is from Woolworths, I love the purple (fave colour) and the design ♡

One of the best tips I have ever been given? DON’T file your nails back and forth in a fast motion. It breaks the edge of the nail which will make them even weaker. File in one direction.

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

3. Protect ♡

My nails stay stronger for way longer when they have nail polish on them. When they are bare they tend to peel at the corner. I always use my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment and love my Revlon Diamond Top Coat. I even use these in isolation, when I don’t feel like putting colour on my nails.

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

Finished product ♡

Jane Wonder || 3 ways to long, healthy nails

Do you have any nail health secrets to share? ♡

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4 thoughts on “{BEAUTY} 3 ways to long, healthy nails

  1. Hand Food is the BEST THING EVER! I would love to try the Endless Glove too…

    I've been using the Nuxe Reve de Miel handcream and I have to say that it's pretty good – not quite on a par with Hand Food but it also absorbs really well and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy – and it has this really delicate floral scent to it, that's not overpowering.

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