#ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

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Jane Wonder || #ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

Hiya everyone ♡

As you may know, I am a Foschini brand ambassador, also known as a Fashion Friend. You may have also seen me in the Foschini store windows throughout the month of October.

Foschini ran a campaign over October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We encouraged you to #ThinkPink and to #PledgePink too. But to be breast cancer aware doesn’t confine itself to just one month a year, we need to continue to #ThinkPink – and that’s where the giveaway comes in…

Jane Wonder || #ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

Watch this video to see what all of us at Foschini had to say about breast cancer awareness and why checking yourself, or “feeling a friend”, can help to save lives.

Foschini have sent me a few of their Foschini for Beauty items in pink as a prize to those of you that will continue to #ThinkPink all year through.
Jane Wonder || #ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

Jane Wonder || #ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

Jane Wonder || #ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

All you need to do is comment below and enter through the Rafflecopter widget.

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Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “#ThinkPink with Foschini + GIVEAWAY

  1. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to make a difference when it comes to something as overwhelming as cancer. Taking time to remember people who have lost their lives to cancer is an important part of the #thinkpink cause. I will continue to support by making a personal pledge to help beat the disease. By participating and raising much-needed funds and awareness to eliminate cancer, I will then already be fighting back. Whether it is using my voice to advocate for all people to have access to quality cancer care, getting recommended cancer screenings and encouraging others to do the same, maintaining a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise, participating in other events, or volunteering to help people facing cancer in my community, there are many ways for me to fight back against cancer and support all year-round.

  2. What a wonderful competition <3 Having a mother who had breast cancer means I am always thinking about breast cancer and how it affected mine and my family's lives. It is a horrible disease that brings down a woman's confidence and independence. However it was this disease that brought my family closer together. My older sister (only 18 at the time) had to become the mom of the family while my dad did all the driving and watching of sports games etc. My mother remained a pillar of strength and continued to help my little brother with his homework and make it to his rugby games – wig and all! My even older sister kept it all together – being on the other side of the world during all of this was not easy. As a family we just pulled through together and came out on the other side tighter and stronger than ever. Cancer tried to tear my family down but we kicked it in the butt 🙂 It definitely should not only be thought of for only once a month but rather as something that is always lurking, anytime. It should not be feared though – we cannot preempt the future – but we can be prepared for it! Get your mammograms ladies!

  3. I will ensure that I check my breasts monthly and spread the word to my friends and family to do the same!! I will also support campaigns in aid of breast cancer!!

  4. REHANA SEEDAT email: dseedat@telkomsa.net If I know someone in my neighbourhood who is dealing with cancer, I’d do something appropriate based on my relationship with her. Provide a meal, watch the kids, deliver some magazines, weed her garden, whatever… If I Don’t know anyone personally, I would Volunteer at my local hospital or somewhere else. Donate to a charity only after I’ve done my research to see if its mission and values match with mine.. For me, it’s all about supporting research. Pick what matters most to me and then donate directly instead of just buying pink stuff. Big isn’t always better, Sometimes a small local place is the perfect choice to help those in need in my community.

  5. What a great cause 🙂 Although breast cancer has affected so many of our lives in some way or the other, it often isn't a topic we are comfortable with discussing because of the pain of losing loved ones to breast cancer or the idea that it will never happen to us. It's awesome to have campaigns like these that encourage us to talk about the disease, help women understand the lifestyle habits that increase our risk profile, and help us to remain aware of any factors that could indicate the development of cancer. I'll continue to show support to all those who have been affected and remember that initiating conversation all year round is so important.

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