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Hiya everyone ♡

Happy New Year to you all! I am so glad that it’s finally the new year, I was itching for 2015 to be over. I’ve always said that no-one should ever wish away time, but I felt like I needed to turn over to a new chapter. My last year was full of many ups, documented in my highlights post here, and many downs. Whilst reflecting I noticed that there were many areas in my life that need more effort than last year. So, here’s a few of my 2016 goals that I thought I would share with you.


1. Prioritise me-time in a more meaningful way
Me-time is my favourite time. I love sleeping, and love watching series. And that’s basically all I did last year. I had so many plans, and I was just so lazy. So, this year I want to do something meaningful with my spare time. I want to do a few free online courses (there are so many out there), ones that have piqued my interest are diet and nutrition, public relations, and brushing up on my French. I also really want to learn more about photography and learn how to use (and get my hands on) Photoshop and Premier Pro. Whilst I love my series, it’s time to read more books too! 


2. Be more thoughtful with my body
I must admit that 2015 was the year that I started actually learning the good and the bad when it comes healthy eating. I didn’t always follow my ‘diet’ (I use this term loosely) but noticed changes when I did, like when I cut out sugar for a month. So, this year I want to follow those learnings and learn even more, I want to be much better with going for runs and gymming, do to yoga at least once a week and limit caffeine. Something I seriously neglected in 2015? Vitamin D. I live in the best country in the world (even Buzzfeed say so) and in a beautiful seaside city, I need to spend more time outside! I think I am even going to tan this weekend – with tons of sunscreen on of course!

Side note, I dreamed the other night that there was a massive tidal wave and that there was no more land. Whilst the lifeguards were getting everyone onto the boats (which I assume to now be our homes) the only things I could think of were where I could find sunscreen and what a waste of money my house was – haha!


3. Save money and spend wisely
I am the world’s worst spender and saver. My father taught me well, but I just love shopping too much (it’s an addiction of mine). So, for the first time ever, I need to actually save some money. My plan is to work very hard at my day job but also to do as much freelance work as possible too. Durban salaries aren’t great, unfortunately. I also want to reign in my clothes, beauty and home accessories shopping and rather spend on items such as furniture and travel. Wish me luck…


4. Be more social
As said previously, any spare time I had was taken up by watching series and sleeping. I got into the habit of spending a lot of time home alone. I really want to meet more people, especially since I feel like a stranger in the province I grew up in, and I sure am not going to achieve that whilst sitting on my couch eating Magnum ice cream. So this year I am going to make an effort to be more social, say yes to outings, and make more friends. 


5. Treat my blog like a business
That means more planning and more effort. Instead of another episode of Criminal Minds I should be taking the opportunity of the good lighting to take photos, I need to schedule in content and social media instead of doing it ad hoc. So look forward to more regular posts and great content! I absolutely blogging and want to put a whole lot more effort into it this year. 

What is one of your 2016 goals?
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10 thoughts on “Goals for 2016 ♡

  1. Reading your post is like a walk through my own life. I work super hard during the week and spend any free time sleeping/watching series but it kind of makes me feel that I only work and do nothing else. I can relate so well to your post! And I need to stop spending money too! I kicked my compulsive clothing and home accessories habit last year, but I looked at our food bill and was so shocked. Because I want to watch my series when I get home and therefore we only eat Woolies prepared meals as I am too lazy to cook or make a salad. I will go as far as saying for me personally watching series is probably an escape and coping mechanism. Maybe it's time for me to do deal with the actual problem. You just inspired a blogpost for me 🙂 thanks for the read xx

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I'm planning out my weeks in terms of which days I do gym, which evenings I do online courses, Sundays are blog days, etc! I can still watch my series, but trying to keep it to one episode per night x

  2. Such a heart-felt post, I really enjoyed it. Like everyone else, I can also relate to everything you mentioned. So glad that I discovered your blog, looking forward to all your upcoming posts and to see you enjoy yourself on your blog 🙂 xx

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