{Lookbook} Flower Power

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Hiya everyone ♡

First outfit post of the year, yahooo! I did a photoshoot with Get It magazine in Durban (read the online part here) and I chose the 70s trend as the theme for the shoot. The wonderful Robyn from JessieBird Photography and I found a forest/field in Hillcrest that was the perfect backdrop for the 70s vibe.

I fell in love with this suede skirt from MRP! The shape, colour and fabric are so on-trend. 

Are you a fan of the 70s trend?

Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power

Suede skirt – MRP (similar here)
Flower headband (comes in pack of 3) – Woolworths (alternate option here)
Crochet waistcoat – Chinese shop
Handbag – Foschini (alternate options here and here)
Sunglasses – MRP (similar here)

Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power

Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power
Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power
Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power

Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power
Camilla Jane || Lookbook Flower Power

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