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May has flown right by, it feels like just the other day I was filming Siobhan (from Sugar and Spice) and my April faves – you can watch the video here. I have a couple beauty and fashion faves for this month, plus a fave TV show and YouTuber. Enjoy the post and please let me know if you have tried any of these products in the comments – I love reading what you have to say! 

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder

Urban Studio Powder & Blush Brushes by Cala

I was chatting to Luzanne from Pink Peonies the other day, she told me that she saw some new makeup brushes at Dischem that looked stunning and were really reasonably priced. I saw that Urban Studio, which is made by Cala, had quite a few brushes in stock, but the pack of 4 really caught my eye! They have the softest taklon bristles, I just loooove them! The four-pack comes with powder, blush, foundation and concealer brushes and also a cute little mesh zipper pouch. The pack is only R250 so I say go grab them before they are sold out! 

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder
Clarins Light Lip Comfort Oil
My new obsession for bed time. I have been an avid Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant supporter for ages but I had just heard too many rave reviews of the lip oil to miss out. I got mine at Edgars for R280, you can aso buy it online from Red Square here. The active ingredients listed are hazelnut oil, organic jojoba oil and mirabelle oil. These ingredients help in nourishing, smoothing, fighting dehydration and plumping. I put it on every night before bed. I reserve it for before bed as to not run out too quickly, it has quite a hefty price tag but it’s so worth it! I even had a bad dream the other night that I had run out! 

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie

Sadly it’s difficult to get Colourpop in South Africa, but if you want to place an order on their site, I would highly recommend Weenie! It is a pinky rose gold colour in a pearlized finish and only costs $5. I wore it the other night and got so many compliments, speaking of compliments, it really goes well with my blue eyes. 

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder
MAC Lipstick in Taupe
One of my fave nude lipsticks, I picked up Taupe at the MAC store in Gateway. It costs R220 and you can buy it online here. I bought it ages ago but have started whipping it out again since we’re approaching winter. When I purchased it, we had hardly any nude lip options in South Africa. 
I had searched all over the place and found some keepers from Catrice. I was really going for that Kylie Jenner nude and I read that she had a combo of Taupe and Spice lip pencil, so I grabbed them. Taupe is technically a matt shade, but I don’t find it matt but instead a matt-satin finish. It isn’t that long-lasting but at least it’s not drying! I wanted to show a #nofilter lip photo to show you true colour, so after a really weird selfie-taking session, there are my lips in all their glory.

May Favourite 2016 || Jane Wonder

Birlin Sunglasses

I saw these beauties on an accidental shopping spree with my bestie, Karis. I have been so faithful to my rose gold aviators that I got at Primark, YDE, and Aldo (I managed to lose them TWICE), but I fell in love these immediately! I got them at YDE and I think they cost about R250. They also came in this cute flamingo soft bag. They are a very dusty pink shade and the hardwear on the arms are gold. I love this shape, so trendy right now! 

May Favourites 2016 || Jane Wonder

Faux Suede Ankle Boots 

I got these beauties at Mr Price a few weeks ago. They are a dark brown colour with a zip on the inside and tassles on the outside – very festival-vibe! They also have a pointed tip and a short block heel. They are so comfy and go perfectly with my boot/tights combo that I will be wearing all winter. They aren’t on the Mr Price website now, so try grab them in-store as soon as possible! 

Criminal Minds

My favourite, favourite show at the moment is Criminal Minds – if you watch my snaps (@camgildenhuys) then you would probably picked this up already. It’s a show about FBI profilers, the Behavioral Analysis Unit, that solve serial crimes through their analysis of the crimal’s psyche. Now, I am big into crime shows and books so this is right up my alley. If you’re into CSI, James Patterson adn Michael Connely then this will definitely go down well. I am on season 6 (of 11) so I am binge watching for days. If you give it a go, please let me know what you think! 


I love YouTubers who aren’t all tutorials. I like to see their favourites, some challenges and a little into them as a person. I also want to recommend someone who is relatively unknown and is from the UK, we can’t get a lot of the products that US YouTubers recommend. Roxi is from Poland, but lives in England, and she’s great at hack videos, lifestyle vids, and makeup and hair tutorials. Check out her channel here

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