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Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder

Hiya everyone ♡

When I was searching for my (realistic) dream home when moving to Durban I knew I wanted a small room dedicated to my fashion and beauty passion. I now have a room where I house all of my makeup, skincare, haircare, day-to-day clothes (on a clothes rack to be displayed), boots, books, and where I work on my admin. I started on my search for great decor goodies whilst I was still living in Joburg – checking out cute off-the-grid homeware stores in Parkhurst, Clarens and Braamfontein. I have listed a few tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way. Please comment if you have any other suggestions! I love learning more from fab readers

You workspace should be somewhere where you enjoy being and derive inspiration. My workspace (which I wish to share in a blogpost soon) has a white and gold theme with a pop of greenery. Whenever I am out and about, at the mall or a market, I keep an eye out for pieces that I can add to my office. Adding an ornament, a beautiful greeting card or plant as I go along brings me great joy. My favourite way to add inspiration is through framing beautifully printed quotes! 
PS. If you are also a blogger then decor goodies also serve as great props for photos 😉

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder

Top tip: Create your own framed quotes by choosing a quote which speaks to your heart or makes you smile, downloading a beautiful font (my favourite free font websites are dafont and 1001 fonts), creating the design on a free Photoshop-type program like Pixlr (download the font, install, restart your computer and the font will be available on Pixlr) and getting it printed either at home or (if you want something fancier) at a printer. I am looking forward to getting a gold foiled print done soon!

Another top tip: Showcase your favourite beauty products as a form of decor. Some makeup has the most beautiful packaging – show off that hard earned money! You can get great acrylic makeup (or stationery) holders at places like Dischem, 27pinkxThe Beauty Box or Makeup Trays (by fellow blogger Hayls World).

Yet another top tip: I love floating shelves so much! They are such a nice, uncluttered way to showcase your decor. There are super affordable ones at MRP Home

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Great decor options can be found here:

Comfy chair
What a weird suggestion, you comment? Well, my office chair is hella uncomfortable and the space between my desk and top of my legs is too small which leads to me hunching over while I work. I suggest you get a comfy chair (a good investment) and maybe a beautiful cushion to add.
I have used the word ‘beautiful’ so many times in this post already… 

Top tip: If your workspace is limited by size then get a ‘ghost’ chair to make sure you don’t make the area look smaller.

Another top tip: Filter furniture by ‘dining room chairs’ when searching online, the office chairs are usually quite garish. 

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Ghost chair
Great chair and cushion options can be found here:

Beautiful stationery
You don’t want ugly stationery sticking out like a sore thumb on your beautiful desk! Do yourself a favour, go hit up your nearest Typo, (non-franchise) home store or an online store. They have some awesome stuff!

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Great stationery options can be found here:
Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Don’t be scared to DIY! It may be a big hack to some, but there are some super easy ways to spruce up something boring. Check out A Beautiful Mess (one of my fave DIY blogs) for great tutorials. Since the theme in my office is white and gold, a bit of gold spray paint couldn’t hurt anyone. Just imagine a gold spray painted clipboard? 

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder

There have been many articles I have read over the years that recommend surrounding yourself with living things in order to promote happiness; a plant, pet, etc. I have plenty of fake flowers all over my house for affordability reasons, but a few plants last for a long time when looked after! I have a few succulents and cacti around my home. Whenever I get the chance I also splash out and grab a bouquet of tulips (my favourite flower) to lift my spirits.

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Great greenery options can be found here:
A lamp
It should go without saying that you need a great source of light when you’re working, especially at night. There are some great affordable lighting solutions out there for you that are fab to look at. I would also recommend getting as much natural light in the room as possible – soak in some vitamin D 🙂

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Great lighting options can be found here:
Superbalist • MRP Home • Zando • Typo

Whilst I do recommend going paperless, sometimes hard copies are inevitable. 
I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to this kind of thing so I have plenty of files, boxes and drawers or shelves for my admin.

Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
Great storage options can be found here:
Workspace Inspiration and Tips || Jane Wonder
I hope you enjoyed this post, I don’t think I have done a ‘home’ post ever on the blog. If you enjoyed it, please comment below.
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