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Hiya everyone ♡

I have lived in Durban for a year and half now after relocating from Joburg. I was excited to move as, though the humidity would frizz my hair, the air is not nearly as drying as Joburg air. Well well well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised. 

18 months later and my skin and hair are still not used to this climate. My skin has been troublesome, giving me bouts of blemishes and an oily and/or dry texture depending on the weather du jour. To combat my blemishes, mostly hormonal of late, I have been using prescribed products that are very drying on the skin. 

Despite escaping the freezing cold and dry Joburg, I still needed something to help me to keep my skin as moisturised as possible. Here are some of my winter beauty lifesavers ♡

Winter Beauty Lifesavers || Soap & Glory Hand Food || Jane Wonder

• Soap & Glory Hand Food – £4.80 

If you have read my blog then you probably know that I love Soap & Glory’s Hand Food – it is my ultimate favourite hand cream and I use hand cream every. single. day. The scent is absolutely heavenly; shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow! I am not a fan of sickly, sweet scents in skin care and candles, but this is nothing like those. 

The cream is suitable for both day and right-before-bed uses, it is super rich without being greasy. Sadly we don’t currently have readily-available Soap & Glory products available locally. 

I always stock up when I am in the UK. You can order on the Boots website here – Boots doesn’t ship to Africa but you could always use a global service such as Aramex to get your goodies to South Africa.

Winter Beauty Lifesavers || Clarins Lip Comfort Oil || Jane Wonder

• Clarins Lip Comfort Oil – R280 

I have been obsessed with this lip oil, and while it was pricey I have not regretted the purchase one bit! I save it for night time (although it isn’t too oily or rich to use during the day) and apply every night before bed. I got mine at Edgars for R280, you can also buy it online from Red Square here

Side note: I had a nightmare that I ran out of this lip oil, I think that shows how much I like it 😉

Winter Beauty Lifesavers || Eucerin Aquaphor || Jane Wonder

• Eucerin Aquaphor – R74.95 

I have a friend at work that used to work at the company that makes and distributes Eurerin. She had been telling me for ages how she used Aquaphor for everything! Dry skin, cracked skin, dry lips, burns, alles. I eventually bought it since she scolded me for using Labello (which she says has alcohol in it!!!*) and I haven’t looked back. I got mine at Pick ‘n Pay but you can buy it at Dischem online here. I checked on the Clicks website too and it’s R20 more!

*If your lip product has alcohol in it then it will moisturise your lips with immediate effect and then slowly dehydrate them again. A lot of people I know have tried to stay away from lip balms as they say that once you start your lips become ‘dependent’ on it. Well, this makes sense if it contains alcohol – it will force you to use the lip balm over and over since you keep moisturing and then dehydrating your skin!

Winter Beauty Lifesavers || dr.dermal The Omega Skin Oil || Jane Wonder

• dr.dermal The Omega Skin Oil – R675 

My favourite skin oil around! I wrote about this face oil on my June/July monthly favourites here. In short, this skin oil is super hydrating without leaving an oil slick on your pillow. It sinks in beautifully and makes my skin feel fab in the mornings. 

Omega oil helps in reinforcing the cell membrane and “help[s] reduce the body’s production of inflammatory compounds – natural chemicals involved in the aging process, that affect how healthy the skin looks and feels” – according to dermatologist and skin care expert Nicholas V. Perricone in his book The Wrinkle Cure. 

Find out your nearest stockist here

PS. dr.dermal has just updated their website, it launched today, go have a look! drdermal.co.za

Winter Beauty Lifesavers || Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser || Jane Wonder

• Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser – R49.95 

I’m lazy – there I said it! It is such a chore for me to put on a full layer of moisturiser just after I get out of the warm bath and shower. The Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser is great as I just slather it on whilst in said-warm bath/shower, rinse off, and my bod is ready for pjs. I also like that it is not too rich and sticky, just a nice thin layer for every-day use. You can buy it at Dischem online here

When I write a blog post I find prices and links online, I also mention the cheapest option. Through doing this, I have noticed that Dischem is almost always the winner with their pricing. I’m glad I do most of my shopping there, but I think I shall be doing all of my shopping there from now on! You can find your nearest Dischem store here.

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4 thoughts on “• Beauty • 5 Winter Lifesavers

  1. Lovely post! <3
    I still have nearly a full tube of my Hand Food left, and I've used up every other hand cream I have before I popped this one into my handbag. I need to organise more!!! Perhaps in a couple months I'll do a Boots order with my Aramex…
    I still need to try out that lip oil from Clarins – after the fail lip oil from Essence!
    I have the Aquaphor (after hearing the ladies at All Dolled Up raving about it), and it really is amazing. I think there's a chance I may prefer it to my 8 Hour Cream!!! Even the BF uses it.
    That Dr Dermal Omega Oil is fabulous, and it feels so so nourishing and hydrating. I like the fact that they created it so that it was vegetarian friendly, so not from any fish oils, and apparently it's Halaal too – so this means it's a must for ANYONE.
    I have used the Nivea In-Shower body lotions, but I got my hands on a Honey one from the UK a while back – it was AMAZING, so much better than the regular two scents we have here. Have you tried out the Oh So Heavenly version yet? They have a Bye Bye Stress lavender scented one, and their rich creamy one which is just a plain scent.


  2. Just in case someone reads this hoping they can order from Boots using Aramex… I tried last year and sadly they don’t ship to freight forwarding companies! It’s so sad because my boots list is so damn long. Superdrug, however, will ship to Aramex BUT they don’t stock Soap & Glory :'(

    1. Thanks for sharing this info, Tarryn! I soooo wish they would start stocking some more brands in Clicks and Dischem, we are missing out on so much!

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