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Hiya everyone ♡

Monthly favourites time! We have some new skincare products and I even have an awesome discount code to share, be sure to read the whole post 😉

I have looped two months into one post as I took all the photos for June favourites and they came out terribly. I hate to post mediocre work so I decided to scrap it. Photographing the images take so long and lighting is very important. I had some time over the public holiday last week to take the photos again and I am much happier how they turned out ☺

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - The Body Shop Lightening Drops

• The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops – R330 

If you are yet to hear about this product then you are missing out. This is a super popular product at the mo and it lives up to all the hype. It does exactly what it says. It lightens your foundation if it is too dark for you, if you’ve lost your tan, or you spent your hard-earned money on a shade that isn’t quite right. 

Drugstore foundations have a very limited shade range, most of the time, and even the lightest shade is a tad too dark for me. Also, a lot of lighter shades have a yellow undertone, which is the same as my skin. It makes my skin look terribly yellow ☹

Add a couple drops to your daily quantity of foundation using the pipette, mix it together and apply per usual. I am lusting over the darkening shade too, but for the time being I am adding a too-dark foundation to my lighter foundation to get the perfect colour.

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - dr.dermal

• dr.dermal MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair and The Omega Skin Oil – R895 and R675 

dr.dermal is a relatively new brand straight out of Durban, South Africa. It is the first dermatologist-, plastic surgeon- and international award-winning chemist-developed range of cosmeceuticals. These niche products are designed to fulfill the needs of all prematurely ageing South Africans who are looking for cutting-edge formulations that are competitively priced. The active ingredients that they use are great, such as retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

My two fave products for the last month have been the MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair cream and The Omega Skin Oil.

The MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair is a repairing cream enriched with advanced microencapsulated retinol, ceramides & cutting edge peptide technology. It is suitable for anti-aging, environmentally damaged skin and problematic skin. It’s also a great prevention of premature aging (hello 30th birthday around the corner). Each dose delivers ±850 IU of pure retinol and the time release delivery reduces risk of irritation. Still, if you haven’t been using a retinol cream before it is wise to start off using about twice a week and building up use over time.

The Omega Skin Oil is heavenly. It is perfect for winter as the oil is super hydrating, I am even showcasing it again in my ‘Winter Lifesavers’ post coming soon. It is also suitable for anti-aging and environmentally damaged skin, and it’s great for dry skin. I have been using a retinoid for my unusually bad skin which is very drying, so I have been slathering the Omega Oil on at night to start combating this. 

You can find your nearest dr.dermal stockist on their new website here

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites- ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips in Magic Wand, Echo and Frick n' Frack

• ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips – $6 

I am utterly obsessed with ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips! Seriously… The formula is amazing, relatively long-lasting, comfortable on the lips, colour pay-off is incredible and they have super awesome colours. I had been lusting over ColourPop for ages and then had the opportunity to order some goodies through winning a competition on Pink Peonies Blog. I am so glad that I decided to get the satin formula over the matte one – I have heard that the matte one, like so many brands, is quite drying.

As per my swatches above, I chose nude shades Magic Wand, Echo Park and Frick ‘n Frack. Other colours I am lusting over are Lyin’ King, Tansy, Dohee and Brooklyn.

ColourPop is sadly only available in the US, but if you use a service such as Aramex then it’s relatively easy to get your hands on these babies. The website is here.

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - Dove Nourishing Body Wash in Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla

• Dove Nourishing Body Wash in Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla – R37.95 

One of my holy grail body washes (along with Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Luxe Cream Wash Shower Butter). I have been using the Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla Nourishing Lotion for years and it smells heavenly. When I saw that Dove had released a body wash I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

My housemate works at Unilever and she sometimes picks up goodies for me from the store they have at their office. She said that this body wash isn’t even available in their store at a reduced price because it’s too popular – all stock must go to stores! So, I went out and spent my own money on it, I can’t live without it. It’s the perfect winter product; gorgeous scent, rich and it doesn’t dry your skin even through it is soap-like. You can get these online at Dischem and Clicks.

*Did you know: Clicks has recently added online shopping to their website! Great news, however the body wash in this fragrance isn’t available on the site ☹

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm in Rose Gold

• Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm in Rose Gold – $169

Daniel Wellington reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would like to provide my readers with a discount code to purchase their gorgeous watches online. Obviously I wouldn’t say no to that! They sent me a watch that I chose from their website, I went with a classic, namely the Classic St Mawes. I went with a large face, the 36mm, and chose a rose gold finish (‘cos duh). 

Daniel Wellington with ship internationally for free if you purchase online, however you need to be aware of customs fees since it is an international purchase. 

I have a 15% discount code available to my readers, use the code “janeDW” upon check out and get about $30 off the original price (that’s R410 off!!).

I have been lusting over this watch for a couple years now. I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day and I saw that on 3 Feb 2016 I posted a link and said “I’ve wanted a Daniel Wellington watch for aaaages”. It really is a dream come true to receive one of these stunning timepieces and I am determined that I actually manifested it through all my wishes over time. 

My discount code is valid until 15 September 2016, so get purchasing! Their site is www.danielwellington.com

*The price I have included is a rounded up cost when you use my discount code.

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - ShowMax

• ShowMax 

The best thing I ever did to my DStv viewing experience… I’ve had DStv for years and while I still watch series and movies on DStv I find that the selection has dwindled a bit with competitors such as Netflix coming to the local market.

Recently, DStv has joined forces with video on demand service ShowMax. It’s simple, add the R99 subscription to your internet-connected DStv Explora premium or compact contract (you must be a debit order customer) and then you can access 20,000 episodes of series, movies and more. There are box sets of popular shows, so you can watch the TV series from season 1! I finally get to start Game of Thrones since I have all the episodes ☺ There’s also no more streaming of series off my computer and connecting my laptop to my TV by HDMI cable (hack) so I can watch on a big screen. 

Series is my jam, especially the crime and mystery genre, and with ShowMax I have already watched 4 seasons of Criminal Minds (mentioned in this blog post). Other series include Suits, Elementary, The Good Wife, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Mr Robot, Pretty Little Liars and a whole lot more!

You even get a free trial for one week to see if it meets your needs. You can also watch ShowMax directly through your DStv and a PC, laptop or tablet. I am a serious fan of this DStv and ShowMax collab, and whilst it seems like this is a sponsored post it is really not! 

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - NikkieTutorials

• NikkieTutorials  

My fave YouTuber of the month is NikkieTutorials! Now, she has been around for years and I have even been subscribed for ages, but she has just been killing the game lately! Her makeup skills are stellar and I can spend hours learning from her tutorials and laughing at her (with her) off-the-cuff humour. Here are some of my recent faves:
Pride Tribute Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge 
Purple Glam Smokey Eyes – Too Faced x Nikkietutorials Collection Tutorial
Strawberry Eye-Makeup Snapchat Filter Inspired Tutorial
The Power of Makeup

Jane Wonder || June and July Favourites - The Catch TV Series on DStv and MNet

• The Catch 

Shona Rhimes does it again! Good heavens I am addicted to this series, I finished season 1 last week and I am devastated! The plot is (and I am not giving anything away) centered around Alice (Mireille Enos, of The Killing) and Christopher/Ben (Peter Krause, of Dirty, Sexy, Money). The start of the series introduces them and their engagement plans, it also introduces us to Alice’s private investigation firm that she runs with her bestie Valerie (Rose Rollins, of The L Word). We are shocked to learn that Christopher is not what he seems and Alice ends up a victim of fraud by her very own fiancé, ironic as she is currently on the hunt for Mr X – who is Christopher! She vows to find him and get her revenge, and all the money she stole from her clients. Every episode we also get to experience a job that she works on with her PI firm and a job that he works on with his fellow fraudsters. As I said, I am addicted and cannot wait for season 2 to come out next year! 

That’s it for favourites – quite a lengthy one! Any faves you can share with me? Comment below ♡

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6 thoughts on “June and July Favourites ♡

  1. Your posts make my heart so happy <3

    I desperately still need to get my hands on both the lightening and darkening drops from TBS – they've been on my beauty wishlist since they hit the market overseas!

    I'm loving my Dr Dermal products so much too!!! That Omega oil is just the most amazing facial oil I've tried (and I've gone on many times about how much I love my Kiehl's MRC… which I still do love, but this Omega one just seems to give me that extra boost of hydration – even the BF has been loving it!)

    I love that shower cream too – so much so that I've actually just made a mental note to buy a new one when I pop into the shops later… Even though I have an almost full TBS Early Harvest Raspberry one in my shower right now. Beauty Blogger problems, am I right??

    I've also just added those three Colourpop lip products to my beauty wish list. I placed an order a while back, and it's already landed in JNB thanks to the wonderful Aramex Global Shipping. In my order I have Spritz and November Ultra Satin Lips… SO EXCITED!

    1. Yeah, especially since they have such different shows on DStv, ShowMax and Netflix! Can't wait to start 🙂 Just need to finish Criminal Minds, have a season and a half left (then I will be devastated as it has overtaken CSI as my fave crim show) xxx

  2. I don't have a HUGE beauty budget sadly – but all my side jobs like makeup and gigs and baking do help out when I want to shop 😛
    Sadly that's going to change, as I'm having to take time off from the gigging and baking thanks to doctor's orders 🙁
    I'm also super keen to do a TBS haul – I've fallen in love again with their body butters, after their 3 for 2 sale, and I want to go in and get a long list of skincare and bodycare, as well as the foundation drops and some other makeup products… waiting for some vouchers from them from my rewards card first though 😛

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