• Review • Tranquility Spa in Westville

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Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

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The lovely Nicolette sent me an email a month or so ago and asked if I would like to visit her spa, Tranquility, for a complementary treatment. I haven’t visited a spa in ages so a morning to relax was right up my alley. She offered me a back, neck and shoulder massage – my favourite! I sent a response right away saying I would absolutely love to take her up on her offer and made an appointment.

Now, beauty bloggers often get generous offers from brands to review their products. We are in no way obligated to, but prefer to mention something special that we really want to share with our readers. When I visited Tranquility I wanted to find something that set it apart from other spas, something that made it special and would want to make me return.

Now, I am usually one for wanting a peaceful, quiet massage with soft, instrumental music, but Nicolette and I got talking based on the nature of my visit. We spoke about her background and about the spa itself. I then mentioned to her that I hate it when someone is giving me a massage and simply goes with their usual massage routine. If I have a knot, then I want someone trained to help me get rid of it. After mentioning that, Nicolette went in to tell me about her ‘passion for muscles’ (so to say) and started paying extra attention to my knotty spots and talking me through them.

The moment I had been waiting for happened when she was kneading my neck and asked “do you wear glasses?” I mean, have you ever received a question like that whilst getting a massage? Nicolette explained that the muscle that was a bit tight in my neck was linked to my ocular-specific muscle group and that she could tell that I strain my eyes by the tightness of said muscle. I knew then that her expertise in muscle therapy and sports massage was which set her apart from other beauticians.

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

I asked Nicolette a few questions about herself and her spa. Here are her answers;

I began Tranquility four years ago while I was in my second year at Camelot International. I worked from home while I studied and saved every cent and reinvested it back into the business by buying equipment and stock. After college I rented a small spot in Westville attached to a dance studio and eventually needed more space, and so the business moved twice more in expansion until I found my current spot in which I have been at for about a year. 

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

What is your area of expertise?

My specialty is with muscle injury rehabilitation. To achieve this I use a mix of sports massage and other machines that are beneficial to the muscles. My extensive knowledge of the muscles and nutrition as well as my strength has greatly set me apart from other therapists. If your problem is muscular I can definitely help you, and if it is something more serious I will be able to tell you what it is and where to get the best treatment.

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

Tell me about the talks you do at the premises and what is planned for next few months

We hold complimentary monthly talks at Tranquility aimed at giving back to the community. Our last talk was on anger management and our next talk is on breast cancer awareness and is on the 11th Aug at 18:00 – 19:30. Our address is 15 Neville Rd, Westville. RSVP to info@tranquilityhealth.co.za, We are always looking for new speakers too so if anyone wants to present please contact us!

Our website is www.tranquilityhealth.co.za
and Facebook page www.facebook.com/tranquilityhealth 

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

Jane Wonder || Review: Tranquility Spa in Westville

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tranquility, had a little tour and a chat to one of the ladies that works with Nicolette. My massage was great, Nicolette gave me great after-care advice (considering all the rather intense muscle work she performed) and I went home feeling relaxed and well-looked after. The spa is tucked away in a quiet spot in Westville that is a close enough to the N3 highway to not make the travel too far. There is plenty parking and little extra offerings that I don’t often find when I go for a treatment. I didn’t need to dump all my goodies in a corner like I usually do, I hung up my clothes on a hanger and deposited my valuables in a little plastic container for safe-keeping.

I would really recommend giving them a visit, their treatments are really affordable and if you’re looking for a good muscle work-out then Nicolette is the girl for you!

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