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Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder

Hiya everyone ♡

Let me start by saying I sincerely apologise for the radio silence on the blog the last two weeks. I am doing a course which I had an assignment due for and I totally forgot what it was like to do an assignment :/ I have been out of varsity for 8 years after all! Besides that and some extreme personal stress that I am going through I really put the blog on the back-burner, BUT I have so many blog ideas so I am going to try to blog as much as possible!

Let’s get to the fun stuff! 

I posted about my love for Birlin sunglasses in a post about 5 months ago, it was a monthly favourites post that you can check out here. I have also posted numerous times on Twitter and Instagram about the different styles they have available at YDE – I even asked for advice on which ones to get which you guys helped me with! Here are a few of the pics – 

It just so happens that Birlin saw my blog post and asked if I want to work with them on a giveaway – um yar!

Let’s start off by showing you my 6 pairs of Birlin sunnies that I have. The below are mostly from the latest collection but the one I showed in my May Favourites (the matte blush pair) is from the collection before. I also had a beautiful pair of rose gold aviators – but I lost them! 

If you watched my Snapchat or Instagram story then you would know, but they disappeared at a wedding. I wore them during the ceremony but took them off when it got dark (I’m not that guy…) at the reception. When the venue cleared the tables at the end of the night they magically vanished. I was devastated.

Anywhoooo, here is my collection – I love every one of them ♡

Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder

Top left – round mirrored lens with light pink frame and arms
Top right – slight rose tinted lens with light pink print frame and arms – the giveaway sunnies!
Middle left – mirrored lens with camel acetate frames (very trendy, my current fave pair)
Middle right – mirrored lens with matte blush frame
Bottom left – classic light brown aviators
Bottom right – fade lens with tortoise-shell frames and stone acetate arms with gold detail (my fave driving sunnies)

Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder
The giveaway sunnies are on the left

Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder
Cool reflections

Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder
Photo by JessieBird Photography

Birlin Sunglasses Giveaway || Jane Wonder
Photo by JessieBird Photography

So, the beautiful sunnies in the above pic are the ones I am super pleased to giveaway! I thought I would add a little summin-summin too to thank everyone for the support on my blog, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on. Here is the full list of prizes ♡

  • Birlin sunglasses
  • Typo A5 notebook – I have one too #twinning
  • Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Coral Calling – I wear mine all the time
  • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara – my fave mascara of late. There is a large bristle spoolie for top lashes and a mini brush for bottom lashes!
  • Eyelure Volume Lashes
  • Freeman Facial Sleeping Mask – Honeydew & Chamomile
  • Cala Blending Brush – I love Cala makeup brushes, this one is bomb
  • L.A. Girl Matte Gloss in Rebel and Playful

And finally, here’s how to win!

Click the links above to find the profiles!

I hope you are as excited as I am for this competition! It is running until midday on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 and is open to all South African residents.

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15 thoughts on “• Giveaway • Birlin Sunglasses from YDE

  1. Fingers crossed. I never win anything and this giveaway looks amazing ?? I'm so fussy with frames that suit my face, luckily those Birlin shades are right up my alley ??

  2. Sunglasses are really cool accessory and they actually make ugly faces look amazing. Accessories like sunglasses not only makes us look good, but also makes our outfit look more amazing. Many suppliers like Oakley, citysunglass and more offer great sunglasses.

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