• Krispy Kreme • Doughnuts of the World launch in South Africa!

• Krispy Kreme South Africa • Doughnuts of the World •

Hiya everyone ♡

What a pleasant surprise?! I really appreciate how brands have been upping their game lately with new launches, brand experiences, content creation etc. I was very #blessed to be sent a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts yesterday (although, long story, they had to be taken back to store and I ended up collecting them today).

Krispy Kreme South Africa have just launched their Doughnuts of the World range! Inspired by the delicious flavours of iconic desserts from around the world, these doughnuts will take your taste buds on a flavourful journey.

I can tell you upfront that I brought these doughnuts to the office at about 2.30pm and they’re all gone beside the Lemon Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie ones I forebode my colleagues from scoffing! There are only 6 of us here today, of which 4 are health/gym freaks who barely ever touch sugar! So, they’re either that good or that budget forecast meeting on Wednesday really took it out of us 😉 

I’ll drop in some info below on flavours in more detail from the press release, but from my standpoint Krispy Kreme took some great inspiration from the UK and US, and locally of course, for their limited edition flavours. Not quite “of the world” but from across the globe, certainly! 

There are two ‘American flavours’, the lemon cheesecake is a delish, unique flavoured bun while the Ol’ Glory stuck with what they know – the original glazed just splashed with a little blue, red and white decor. 
Side note, the original glazed will never beat any other doughnut that Krispy Kreme will ever release – it’s just that good! 

For the ‘British flavours’ we have an ode to strawberries and cream (which melts quite quickly, just so you know) and my favourite dessert flavour ever, Banoffee Pie *insert heart eyes emoji. Then there is a Banoffee Pie Kremey Chiller! Definitely hitting Gateway this weekend to grab one! 

Local flavours include a good ol’ apricot jam fill (is that unique to SA?) and then a caramel popcorn bun, which sadly doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest…

So! Get to a Krispy Kreme before 31 August if you want to try these limited edition flavours. You won’t regret it, but your waistline may… 

Board the flavour plane and head to the United Kingdom for a Banoffee PieDoughnut, an unglazed shell filled with Banana Caramel Kreme dipped invanilla icing & topped with peanut brittle finished off with chocolate drizzle.While you’re there try the local favourite, of Strawberries and Kreme which isan unglazed shell sandwich of Strawberry Kreme, lightly dusted with polka dots& topped with a Strawberry Kreme swirl & fresh strawberry.It’s back on the plane as we head to the United States, home of Krispy Kreme.Here as we indulge in the world famous Lemon Cheesecake doughnut, which isa shell filled with zesty Lemon Cheesecake Kreme, topped with crushedGraham Cracker & finished with lemon curd drizzle. As we know the UnitedStates are very patriotic so do not leave without tasting the Ol’ Glorydoughnut, – an Original Glazed ring, topped with hand piped blue, red & whiteicing finished off with blue, red and white sprinkles.
We head back home to South Africa for some of our local favourites; aCaramel Popcorn Doughnut which is an original glazed ring dipped in caramelicing, crowned with Caramel Popcorn and finished off with a chocolate drizzle.For those after something fruitier to tickle those taste buds the Apricot Jam
Filled doughnut is for you because it is an old school favourite of a shelldoughnut tossed in sugar while hot, and then filled with apricot jam.
To add to this wonderful adventure, Krispy Kreme South Africa is also bringingthe joy of the United Kingdom to you with the introduction of an ‘out of thisworld’ Banoffee Pie Kremey Chiller which is a caramel and banana infusedtopped with peanut brittle and caramel drizzle.

• Krispy Kreme South Africa • Doughnuts of the World •
Before I let me colleagues dig in!

• Krispy Kreme South Africa • Doughnuts of the World •
Krispy Kreme Gateway

• Krispy Kreme South Africa • Doughnuts of the World •

• Krispy Kreme South Africa • Doughnuts of the World •

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