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Hiya everyone ♡ I thought I would share a few random facts about me today – enjoy!

1. 17 is always the number I choose when I am exaggerating – I am rather dramatic.

2. I have a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in psychology and marketing. I studied at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg and those were the best 4 years of my life! I battled to decide between honours in either, so I decided to start my career in marketing and hopefully continue my psychology degree later in life.


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Lyme Regis, UK



3. My family pretty much consists of my sister, my dad and I. It’s been just the three of us for almost 20 years and we are so close!

4. I spent three days with Kim and Khloe Kardashian for a campaign I was working on a few years ago. It was the most stressful days of my life so far. I am considering doing a ‘story time’ on it… There was mention of “being held captive in Africa”.


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Brutal Fruit Cheeky Cranberry Launch, 2010


5. I am newly besotted with podcasts, my favourites being in the true crime genre. I have just discovered Jess Lively, through Chereen at The Beauty of It, and that’s a new fave. It’s about living life with intention and self improvement.



6. I also have a weird (I think it’s weird) obsession with fonts. I spend hours on free font sites trying to find the perfect ones, and I point out what the font names are when I spot them out and about with friends. “Oh my gosh, that’s Bromello font!”


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Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay


7. I am either hilarious or I am awkward and embarrassing. All depends on the crowd!

8. My blogger bestie, Siobhan from Sugar & Spice, and I went to high school together but hadn’t spoken a word until a couple of years ago. We were friends on Facebook and I just randomly started messaging her blogging tips when I saw she had started a blog.


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9. I don’t like Starbucks coffee – give me a Costa latte any day!

10. I love public speaking!


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11. I own a pair of Christian Louboutins. They are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own.

12. Rayne, from Make it Rayne, and I are ‘soul sistahs’ – we both love all things beauty, Fall Out Boy (band) and Criminal Minds (TV show), and both get major PMS 😀


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13. I am enamored with the movie The Greatest Showman (you can read about my day out when I watched it here) and have the soundtrack on repeat. I have a new love for Hugh Jackman!

14. At 31, I am still a huge fan-girl of boy bands! I even went to the One Direction concert on my own because none of my friends would come and I wouldn’t miss it. I was lucky enough to bump into a friend on the train to the stadium and he offered me a golden circle ticket – best ever!!


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15. Speaking of music, my favourite genre is rock followed by jazz.

16. Tulips are my favourite flower.


random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty


17. I only have one cousin

Did you like this blog post? I love these types of posts and would totally do a YouTube video on it! What do you think? 

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16 thoughts on “• Lifestyle • 17 Random Facts about Me

    1. Candice, it was so bizarre that we never spoke! Hahaha! I think school is so clique-y, and only once you're out of school do you really make friends with people you have things in common with.
      I really struggle making friends, as I'm actually SUPER shy – so much so that people often think I'm a serious bitch when they first meet me, as I barely speak and just watch everyone.

    1. i hated it at school and varsity (where I had to do it for MARKS) but then in my first year of work I did a presentation skills course and I have loved it ever since! I think it's also because I am very confident and never let nerves get in my way – I just GO FOR IT! Don't overthink it 😉

  1. I love these types of posts. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit more.
    I am dyiiiiiiing about the Kardashians!!!! I would love to do that.
    Thanks for the podcast recommendation, going to listen to it right now.
    Please also give me some of that public speaking love 🙂 I suck at it.

    1. Oh my, it was stressful hey! Khloe is such a kween, I really have nothing bad to say about her, she was so fab and friendly! Kim on the other hand…
      Please let me know if you have tried any of those podcasts yet? I literally can't even listen to music in the car anymore, I need a good podcast for my 35 mins to work!
      For public speaking I literally just don't overthink it (otherwise I probably would be a bundle of nerves). If you know your content then it should flow relatively naturally, whereas if you don't know it you are bound to your notes. My best advice would literally be to not overthink it and just GO FOR IT! Easier said than done though 😉

  2. Only one cousin? Wow I have tons, both my mom and dad had 11 siblings each. I like this post, fun facts. Looking forward to the Kardashian Storytime.

  3. I don't even know what one does with free fonts??? My mind is so confused…but LOL at pointing them out and the obsession. lol.

    I need the Kardashian details!!! I so enjoyed this <3

    1. Haha, I use them in design of blog posts, social media posts, etc. I am also in marketing, so if we are developing a new brand then I like to brief in brand concept work with fonts to portray what personality I want the brand to have 😉
      And I am feeling a Kardashian story time, people seem to be interested 😀

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