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I had the absolute pleasure last night to enjoy a delicious steak at a premier steak restaurant in Umhlanga called Butcher Block.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I made a little oopsie the week before, arriving at another steak restaurant in Umhlanga that also has a branch in Umhlanga and Florida Road (I am sure you can guess which one it was), but it wasn’t all bad in the end. It gave me a great example to use when comparing Butcher Block to similar restaurants in the area.

I took my bestie along because if there is anyone who deserves a free dinner – it’s her! She has been cooking for me almost every night for the past month so I was thrilled to invite her along for the ride.

The Wine and Food


We were thrilled that our two favourite wines were on the menu by the glass. Karis, “the bestie”, had the Beyerskloof Pinotage – which is also my wine of choice when I am in the mood for red. I had the Delheim Pinotage Rose which is just my absolute favourite rose ever made! I love that it is made with pinotage grapes and that it has a beautiful, dry finish. I am really not a fan of sweet wines!

I thoroughly enjoyed one of the “Chef’s Recommendations” which was the Jalapeño Fillet. It comes either as a 300g or a 400g and has a “smorgasbord” of fillings and toppings. It is sliced in the centre and stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella and diced jalapeños. It is the wrapped in bacon, pepper crusted and then flame grilled to your liking (mine being “medium”). Once it has been grilled to perfection, they add a garlic-grilled brown mushroom atop the steak and melt vodka and Roquefort in a saucepan to drizzle on the steak. What a mouthful?! This is never something I would usually go for, I am a steak with maybe a sauce on the side, but our amazing waitron really sold it to me!


The bestie had the steak and calamari combo. Her steak was a 200g rump (you could choose between a rump or sirloin) done to her liking (“medium well”) with grilled calamari in a lemon sauce. Just as a cheeky anecdote, she originally asked for her steak “well done”, there was a gasp from both the waitron and myself. I know not anyone who would order a steak “well done”. We swiftly convinced her to change her mind to “medium well”. She also ordered a green peppercorn sauce for the side.


The Service

Onto the amazing service, something that really took our delicious meal and experience to the next level. Our waitron’s name was Elton, a super-hilarious and kind guy. Whilst some want a waitron who takes your order, delivers your food, doesn’t check on you too often, and brings the bill – I am not one of those kinds of people.

There was witty banter, recommendations when he felt we could “improve” or order, and a genuine interest in how our night was going. One of the highlights of the night was when I asked where the restrooms were. He answered “walk outside, go up the stairs and turn left, there’s a tree there called the “lavor-tree”. Good heavens did Karis and I have a laugh!!

Elton was so amazing that I would honestly recommend that you request to be sat in his area for your meal, he says he is there most nights. What a champ.


I couldn’t leave without asking Elton for a photo!

The Restaurant Decor and Vibe

Butcher Block has a very typical restaurant feel about it. We did appreciate the rustic wooden decor and the art on the wall. There is also a wine cellar in the corner. The chairs were incredibly comfortable (if you follow me on Instagram stories then you know I have a thing for a good chair) and the vibe was relaxed and private. I can’t stand it when a restaurant (or pub/bar) play their music so loud that you can’t hear one another across the table. Thank goodness this wasn’t the vibe there. It was peaceful and intimate, with the occasional giggle from the patrons – the waitrons certainly are enthusiastic and animated.







The only negative thing I can say about the experience was physically finding the place! I knew it was attached to the Holiday Inn Express on Ncondo Place but we had to wander around a bit to find it. My best recommendation is to park at the upper parking area, which is on Ncondo place perpendicular to Umhlanga Rocks Drive. Go to the entrance where there is a guardhouse, show your licence and get scanned, and then park on the right. There is a set of stairs there that will take you directly to Butcher Block’s door – no wandering around the hotel!

Overall, we had a flippen fantastic time and cannot wait to go back! There’s also a “Chef’s Recommendation” meal which sounds like a delectable Kingklip, so I am definitely bringing my dad to Butcher Block the next time he comes to stay with me!

Thank you, Butcher Block, for having us around! We will certainly see you again soon. If you are looking for a steak restaurant in Umhlanga then I could not recommend Butcher Block more highly.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted a voucher to Butcher Block in return for a review. The views on the post are not influenced by the sponsorship, they are true and my own.

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  1. ‘Well done’ Karis?! Well done to Ms Wonder for reeling that is a bit to ‘medium well’…

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