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The Dyme App – perfect for women on the go!

Dyme is a new service, proudly created here in South Africa. I have mentioned before how the beauty industry is changing. On-demand, mobile beauty and spa services have seen a huge rise in popularity in South Africa of late. I mean, who wants to walk out of a mall salon and be seen with the red splotches of post-facial extractions?

What sets Dyme apart from many on-demand mobile services is that they have created an app to make your experience that much easier. They have partnered with “agents” (beauticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, and the like) that you can choose based on services, star rating and profile.

There are many categories to choose from, and then you even have the choice to go with agents with different years’ experience. Strapped for cash? Go with a novice. Booking for your wedding? Splash out on a VIP.

Checkout by including your details such as contact number and address and choose a payment method. I love that there is no to-and-fro with questions; “I can’t find your house?”, “Do you have a card machine or Zapper?”, etc. Feel at ease by putting in your card details to an accredited app and don’t worry about drawing cash. Who has cash anymore anyways? Choose from a  variety of service options and tap to make your selection.

Better yet, receive in-app and SMS notifications on the progress of your artist’s travel to your home. Once the appointment is completed you will be able to rate your artist – important for all users so you can ensure you get the BEST service possible through the app!

Read more on how the Dyme App works here.

Check out a demo on how to book using the Dyme App.

So, you probably know my blogger bestie by now. Siobhan from Sugar & Spice is not only beauty and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, but also a qualified makeup artist!

Dyme asked us to do a little collaboration to test the app out as a user and as an artist. Siobhan (Shiv for short) asked if she could come over to my house to do my makeup one Saturday. Wouldn’t you have it? It was the Saturday of St Patrick’s Day and I was hitting a St Paddy’s quiz night that very evening. So we decided to do a beautiful green, St Paddy’s Day look for the celebrations! Shiv arrived at my house full makeup kit in tow, good grief does that lady have some epic makeup in that kit! Too Faced eyeshadows, Urban Decay palettes and setting sprays, ColourPop lippies, the works!

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My beautiful naked face, LOL

The rave review needs to be about Shiv’s work, wow was I happy with the makeup look! I received SO many compliments that night. I am also so chuffed that we didn’t go with my usual go-to neutral makeup look. The green looked really great!

If you’re looking for beauty on-demand then give Dyme a try! I find it’ll be especially handy if you need a blow wave for a last minute date, a wax in the comfort of your own home, or a facial without that through-the-mall walk to your car!

If you’re an artist and Dyme sounds like something you would be interested in, then go give Shiv’s blog a read too – Working with the Dyme Beauty App

A discount code for you!

Use the promo code DYME150 on checkout on the Dyme App and you can get R150 off your first appointment, so download the app and check it out! Be sure to download the “Customer” app if you’re a user like me, there is an “Artist” app for agents to use 😉

A competition too?!

There is currently a competition running on the Dyme Facebook and Instagram profiles. Stand a chance to win an “Unvarnished Pamper Party”, the ultimate luxury pamper night experience.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a free session with Siobhan in return for a review of her services and the Dyme App. The views on the post are not influenced by the gift, they are true and my own.

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