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• Home • A very passionate LG Smart Inverter Review

Let me warn you, you will probably never hear someone speak so passionately about a washing machine like you will in this post… Introducing – the LG Smart Inverter! My friends and I always have a little chuckle about the things that bring us genuine joy these days now that we are adults. It used to be […]

• Home • Rose Gold

Hiya everyone ♡ Rose Gold, my one true love… Just kids. I really do love rose gold though. It’s been an affair that started three years ago and ever since then the rose gold and copper trend has flourished!  Luckily for us (almost every lass I know loves rose gold), there are so many stores […]

{Home} Workspace Inspiration and Tips

Hiya everyone ♡ When I was searching for my (realistic) dream home when moving to Durban I knew I wanted a small room dedicated to my fashion and beauty passion. I now have a room where I house all of my makeup, skincare, haircare, day-to-day clothes (on a clothes rack to be displayed), boots, books, and […]

My Dream Closet

I have many an (healthy) obsession in life, but by far the most love I have is for my closet. I am a shopaholic, and I accept that. It’s not even about all the stuff that I buy, per se, it’s a collection. I collect clothes and shoes and bags and perfumes and cosmetics. My […]

Forever New launches Home Accessories

Forever New, one of my favourite stores, has launched home accessories – and they’re simply gorgeous! This Australian store has a beautiful aesthetic, combining ranges from different colour families; namely pastel, jewel-tones, and monochrome. Only 13 items were launched on their Australian online store recently, but I anticipate that the collection will out preform and […]